A cook’s interview

I have a lot of memories of foods I ate and did not eat when I was young, but my mother and grandmother who were the two people that fed me when I was younger are deceased. So I thought it would be best to interview a person who currently cooks for me, my girlfriend Key-aira. For the past five years Key-aira has been the one to cook for me (as well as I cook for her), and as you can tell by look at me, she is a very good cook.

1.      Did recipes change with relationships and marriages?

Yes, its funny how we grew up in same neighborhood but ate totally different things and thing we ate that was similar we had different names for them. In order to cook for you we had to compromise on recipes for example you love pepper and season salt which is something we did not keep in our house as much, and I likes to bake, but you can’t have a lot of sweet stuff, so it wasn’t so much of changing recipes, it was changing what we ate all together.

2.      How has your relationship with food changed over the years?

When I was younger I ate whatever was cooked, but when I first started cooking, I would keep cooking the same things because that is what I knew, but now that I am own my own in my own kitchen, I have more freedom and choices on what I can make to eat. So I have changed a lot of foods that I have eaten, and started eaten what I wanted to eat.

3.      How did you start cooking—made you want to start? 

My first memories of cooking are with my great grandmother, we made breakfast all the time I would stay the night, and from there it began a hobby to do with her, because that was one of the few things she was able to do. Also a sign of independence for me, something I could do on my own but still share with everyone.

4.      What is your favorite meal to make?

My favorite meal to make has to be Spaghetti, because I use a family recipe and everyone loves it.

5.      How would you rate yourself as a cook?

I would classify myself as an experimenter, I like to look at recipes and try and make something good out of it.

6.      Did you have any kitchen disasters?

Sure, one time I was making Carmel for my Carmel cake and the Carmel boiled over and spilled over the stove, and the pie crust that I was cooking for that same pie burnt up in the oven.

7.      What’s a memorable food experience?

My most memorable food experience was when I cooked breakfast for you, I made waffles and eggs with onion, and sausage, and potato, seeing your facial expression when you seen all that food was priceless.

8.      If you could have any meal (last supper) what would it be?

My Grandmother’s Gumbo hands down, with Caramel cake for dessert.

9.      Do you enjoy cooking, or do you do it because you have to?

I enjoy cooking, it’s a hobby that I have that I find fun to do.


I enjoyed sitting down and interviewing Key-aira, she had a lot to say and opened up about her food experience. One thing that I learned from her today, is that it was her great-grandmother that got her interested in cooking, and I believe she has become a really good cook.


A San Francisco Cornerstone

San Francisco Mission District was an excellent experience, the food was outstanding, the murals on the walls was breath taking and the culture was rich and full of life. I enjoyed everything about the trip, but of course my favorite was…..THE Food.

We started the  day at La Victoria Bakery, were we had this delicious bread, that was warm and fluffy with a hint of cinnamon which tasted like a cinnamon roll, and it tasted soooo good. Secondly we went to a Mexican restaurant where we had a Huarache it was awesome, it had a tortilla like shape, thick with beans in the middle with sour cream and onions on top.

After eating that outstanding Huarache, we went over to El Farlito restaurant and had a bomb pork taco, the taco was so good, I had to take a picture of it and put it on my Facebook. I dont even know where to start with this taco, the tortilla was crisp, the pork was juicy and tender, well seasoned, that may have been the best pork taco I have ever eaten.

My favorite part of the trip was the ice cream shop, we were able to try any of the 12 ice cream flavors they had, I decided to try the flavor “secret breakfast” which consisted of Bourbon, and cornflakes (sound a little funky I know) the ice cream was good, but I was scared if I got it I would be drunk the rest of the trip. I ended up  getting the flavor “pretty n pink” which tasted like pink lemonade.

Lastly we went to a cupcake shop as well as Bomy alley where they had some outstanding murals that were beautiful to look at.  I really enjoyed this trip and had fun eating and spending time in the Mission District.

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Not Your Ordinary Meal

Sugar, Soba noodles, and Tilapia Fish were the three ingredients I read on the unfolded piece of paper I was handed, my first thought was, what the hell are Soba noodles, secondly I thought , what am I going to make with these ingredients. After brainstorming for a little while I landed on just a simple seasoned Soba noodle dish with baked Tilapia Fish on the side, and with the collaboration of my classmate Key-aira whose ingredients were coconut milk, pickle juice and brown sugar, we made a sauce to put on top of the fish.

After seasoning the fish with salt, pepper, pickle juice (tasted as disgusting as it sound)  and slices of lemon we covered the fish with foil and placed it in a pre-heated (350 degrees) oven and let bake for 30 mins, until the fish is white, tender, and flaky.

Now time for the sauce, we took Key-aira’s ingredients of brown sugar, coconut milk and pickle juice and combined them to make a side dipping sauce for the fish.

Now time for the noodles, after frying the noodles in a nonstick skillet filled with a table spoon of hot oil, for about 30 seconds, then you want to put in cold water and stir noodles until water is evaporated, then stir in seasoning .
Now for the final product, after all the slaving over the hot stove I must say I am satisfied with the out come of the dish, well hot it looks at least, the taste is a different story. The colors and attraction to this dish is great, the taste, well its one that you will have to make and taste for yourself.

Chinatown U.S.A.

Today was was a great day to be in my Jan Term class, we went to Chinatown and embraced ourselves in the Chinese culture. We spent about three hours walking through the town, visiting a host of shops and restaurants. I thought the trip was great I had a lot of fun, visiting Chinatown, which until today I had never visited. my favorite part of the trip had to be the Dim Sum we ate at the Four Seas restaurant, my favorite dish being the Chicken Shu Mai, which reminded me of a meatball with a Chinese twist to it, but it was as delicious as a regular meat ball.

As far as the tour and visiting the shops, we saw a lot of interesting things, including Turtle feet which i did not know the Chinese use in some of their soups. We saw roasted duck, which for me was weird to see because it was roasted with the head on it, I am used to see chicken roasted but by that time the head would have already had been cut off. So to see the duck head laying limp on the hooks that held it in the window, was a very different sight for me to see.

Overall, I enjoyed my adventure into Chinatown, I the new aspect of culture that I was able to see, and the love and spirited of China. the best part was I didn’t have to go three thousand miles to see it, a short Bart ride across the Bay brought China to me.

Egg Uh Oh

When I was seven I made eggs for the first time (talk about scary), it was a Saturday morning and I had gotten up early and hungry, my mom was still sleep and I didn’t want to wake her so I decided to make eggs myself, lets just say that was the worst decision ever. I went to the cabinet grabbed a skillet, salt and pepper. There wasn’t any butter so I grab some vegetable grease and put it in the skillet and turn the aisle to high, which I soon would find out was a big mistake. While the grease was warming up, I turn towards the table and crack an egg, which came running out of the shell, I put salt and pepper in the eggs and scrambled them in the bowl, suddenly I smelled something burning, I turned and saw the grease in the skillet burning, so I panicked and tossed the eggs in the skillet and they burned faster than a plane in a jet fuel fire.

When I was finally able to move the skillet off the stove, the eggs were merely burnt pieces of itself, looked more like burnt bacon bites rather than eggs. That was the worst cooking experience I ever had, my mom came woke up, smelled the smoke and came running in the kitchen and yelled at me i was so embarrassed i didn’t cook eggs for a long time.

Best Dinner

I was sitting in my room the other night and doing what I do best, thinking about food, I thought about all the millions of meals that i have had though out my life. I thought of all the cheese burgers, french fries, and I thought about a night when my girlfriend decide to make the best meal in the world homemade, yes I said homemade mac and cheese, fried chicken and Cheddar-bay biscuits. I can remember the smell and sound of the chicken frying in the skillet, and the occasional pops for the hot grease on to the floor. the smell of the cheddar and hint of garlic filling the kitchen like fog on an early Monday morning.

It was the most amazing meal, with so much flavor and and intensity, the food had my stomach erupting in joy. I literally fell in love with this dish, the hot cheese bubbling and oozing over the warm tender noodles. The fried chicken hot and golden  brown, crispy and juicy like  fresh cut watermelon, and the part of the dish was the fresh cheddar-bay biscuits that melted in the moment it hit the tip of my tongue. After eating that meal I was in a world of happiness and bliss a feeli
ng that before or after has ever been matched.

Apple Pie Explosion!!!

One of my favorite deserts that I’ve had with apples that was memorable was the first time I had apple pie. Never before had I liked apple pie until one day in high school my girlfriend convinced me to try some. She told me that apple pie would be better if I have ice cream on top. So we went to Nations Restaurant and I got a slice of apple pie A la mode which consisted of vanilla ice cream on top of apple pie slice. I sat down at the table with my girlfriend, and grabbed a fork; I could feel everyone in the restaurant looking at me waiting to see my reaction after the first bite. I took a bite of the apple pie and my mouth just exploded in excitement it was as if I was on vacation in Maui. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything as delicious as that apple pie; the apples were cooked just right, with just the right amount of spices. The apple pie mixed with the soft serve Vanilla ice cream had my taste bud in an up roar.

After I ate this pie I haven’t been able to eat any other kind of pie, the pie was just so good that I cannot bring myself to eat any other type of pie. From that first bite I was in love, that pie just took my mouth to a place where it has never been before, I was in heaven. I never knew that apple pie was so good, and adding the vanilla ice cream on top was the best thing I ever did. Now every time I go to a restaurant and get some desert I always get one thing: Apple Pie A La Mode. I can’t  wait to feel that eruption in my mouth again.